on plain walls and new tables

This is my kitchen, a familiar space to regular readers. It has very good light for photographs.

Taupe/ stone/ whatever walls

and pattern added in linen, vases, flowers and such.

I am trying to do the same to the shop, summer is coming and with it busier flowers. In Spring things are more uniform, things are short, tulips, hyacinth, rankels and sit nicely in old enamel buckets minding their own business.

Summer flowers are less well behaved always getting tangled up with each other if not spaced correctly and taller, any excuse for new vases.....

I have acquired some new tables and some nice men to help me jiggle it all about.

Do you shuffle your interiors around with the seasons, or is it just me?

and I found out how to link to the instagram. Voila.

I'm loving it, and have found so many brilliant inspiring people.


Becca said...

Jiggling men? Smutty.

No news this end. They started letting me read the blog again at work but only once a day. I don't like how easily they can control my life.

P.S. Jane - have you booked your flights? There are only 67 days to go......

Martin & the Magpie said...

Miss P we shuffle our interiors around on a weekly basis....we get bored easily!!!.....we also need new tall vases for tall summer flowers....we are so over spring...x

Mrs Beard said...

That vase reminds me of my parents' old sofa. They had excellent 70's taste.

Looking forward to all the naughty summer flowers.

And jiggling men.

Reuben Mark said...

changing with seasons is most healthy

also any chance of sharing inspiring instagramers?