Instant gardening

For those of us who were too busy drinking gin or painting pumpkins to do the whole autumn sowing thing.

nip to the shop, i have them all ready to sink into the ground and provide instant colour.

The promise of a fine weekend with temperatures up to 18 degrees has the entire town giddy with excitement. Come Monday the newspapers will be full of pictures of people laying on the lawns at Kensington Gardens in bikinis, with the headline


and we will all complain that it is TOO warm

and burn our shoulders.

and say things like "a bit of rain would be good"

There is also a grand prix happening, on the BBC so I can actually watch it. They showed FP2 this morning, and HAM was quick, and for a split second I forgot about the whole Mercedes thing and that I should have actually been looking mid grid for PER.

Happy weekending.


Jane Cardie said...

I have lurked (not strangely) on your blog for a while now and never left a comment but I just want to say I adore your photos and indeed your blog. Have a fabulous weekend!

cara said...

Sometimes I think we have lots in common and then you write about how you like watching fast cars try to drive faster than other fast cars and I think that we are probably different species altogether.

Nice fritillaries. Mine are still underground.

flwrjane said...

I love the fritillaries.

Send some please.

The downside of no fall gardening is all the spring work.

But in your own Miss P. way you can merrily ignore that.

xo J.