Take me outside

sit in the green garden

and The Mother Hen and I did just that.

Is there anything better than an open garden? The promise of tea and cake, a plant stall, and a snoop around somebody else's garden. It is a truly wonderful thing. The oooo's and aaaaah's at floral splendour and perhaps the chance to see what wallpaper they have in their drawing room.

Like true English roses, we wandered the gardens and sat and took tea and cake outside on the windswept terrace. Chatting with others and saying how nice it was to be outside, whilst secretly wishing we had worn more layers.

Then on to the Herb Nursery, where i encouraged Mama to buy all the varieties of hellebores ever, and herbage, so that i can snip at them next year. If you are in the vicinity, a visit to the herb nursery is a must. It is a delight. Lovely people, and plants.

This weekend there is a bank holiday and it is Hambleton Open Gardens. They had me at the word Tombola.


Emelie said...

I love your new header!
I use to do the same, persuade my mum to buy plant that I use later on ;) But I use to take care of them, so I think it's a quite fair deal ;)
// Emelie

flwrjane said...

That new header is enchanting. mine will never change,I relied on GG for that...

thank god I don't need her to write my wordy posts.

What a nice day you had.Wish I was there.

I would have been cold too.

xo jane

KELLY said...

much lovely-ness! i do think those magnolias are so sweet with the flowery blossoms. mums and tea and cake and gardens. all the ingredients to a perfect day. just a little warmer now please.

ace header. xXx

ps i am debating a trip out with my (birthday girl) mama on thursday. cambridge...stamford? can't decide. but if we come your way we'll pop in to say hey. x

Sally said...

Such a beautiful place - I want to live there immediately. The espaliered tree on the brick wall is quite beautiful. I love your new header - it's quite mesmerising and has me rethinking yellow for sure!! Enjoy the onset of spring, and all that it brings - it's nearly winter here in New Zealand!

loveandlilac said...

I love an open garden event, but it does bring out my snooping tendencies. Last one I went to they had drawn their curtains so word must have got out...

Mrs T-J said...

I adore the Herb Nursery, the entire contents of my once, much love cottage garden came from there and Peter and his mum were a wealth of knowledge and advice. They don't make them like that anymore. xxx