Things you are going to need if you want to be a florist

Part 1 of an occasional series

This is the single most useful thing i own. It's a 4 pint plastic jug.

Large enough to part fill most vases, small enough to fit under most taps.

Even the one in that village church where the sink is really small and you have to get the key from the old trout sweet lady in the cottage opposite who will make you jump through hoops and never be in when she says she will, because the bride chose you to do the church flowers and not the church flower ladies.


Lotte and Bloom said...

it's ALL about the jug.

Amanda said...

I know that sweet old lady! I'm sure she looks after 90% of the churches in Kent!

Mademoiselle Julie said...

Oh Miss P you made me laugh. The old lady has a sister in Switzerland!!!
An the jug too.
Have a wonderful afternoon!

Becca said...

Surely No (1) on the list would be a degree in pyschology to cope with us mental brides.

I await a call. Dum Dum Dddadadadaddadadaaaaa

Anonymous said...

So wise! I am constantly having under-tap-fitting, water measuring issues... Must find jug.

Unknown said...

Jug envy. X

Kay said...

lol xx

Mother Hen said...

If the jug ever gets it, we are all doomed, it is indeed the most important item in the shop, when misplaced the sense of abject horror and loss is indescribable, long live the jug xxx

adornedfloral said...

plenty of those "sweet old ladies" are here too...ha.

flwrjane said...

Mine leaves the shop every Wednesday to go downtown and help to refresh weekly law firms flowers.

I am always distraught, looking for jug, cursing the loss of jug and refilling vases under tap.

very very messy.

As ever you are correct.

jugs rule:-)