This is what it feels like

Every time i sit down to write this post i end up bursting into uncontrollable laughter. It has been a fun 2 weeks.

Becca's wedding was beautiful, she looked amazing.
If his 40th is anything to go by, Mr Naylor should be in event planning
The bar was bigger than that at The Grosvenor
I want a teleporter
After lifting pallets and chitting trays and only whinging once about my manicure, my reputation as a princess is null and void.
I like working on a flower farm with an endless supply of flowers.
Ukelele orchestras rock.
Shit happens (it was repaired)
You never take photos of the good times because you are too busy enjoying them follow the hashtag mn40 on twitter for a few more.
Must learn where the hashtag key is on a mac
Dancing until 4am will result in a hip injury
You can't beat a trough of meat or a good moustache
Mrs "Matthews Mum" Naylor is a legend
In the cowboy Vs. Indian dance off the cowboy won
My garden has finally flowered, secateurs a go go
One of our weddings was featured on Love my Dress, seriously beautiful photographs
and this is happening book a place now. 

also Armin Van Burren which seemed to play quite a lot over the last 2 weeks.

and in other news could we not Americanise all of the words in the wedding industry, it's bridesmaid not maid, buttonhole not boutonniere, floral headdress not crown.

I realise it's Independence day and appreciate the irony


Bow Street Flowers said...

you rocked that big piece...again.

Anonymous said...

Hash tag - what is that? More for me to learn!!

Martin & the Magpie said...

so that's why its been quiet on the blogging front!!! all gorgeous of course....love the photo of the dog whose tail is all a blur..sweet...xx