Britain is in a frenzy, we have a summer, which in real terms means we have had more than 3 sunny days in a row, and the tennis obvs.

Sunday was too hot, and everybody complained, but yesterday and today are just right. 23 degrees or thereabouts with blue skies and a light breeze. The shop with it's thick stone walls and being on the shady side of the street is cool, life is good.

It seems that almost everybody I know is away in far flung locations, on beaches, on boats, in cities, up mountains, but the wedding machine still turns and so The Hound and I are making do with Rutland.

The hardship.

One of the joys of having a dog, besides the obvious merits of using them as a marketing tool, and getting all the likes on Instagram, is that you get to see places by foot. The Hound and I are dawdlers, he stops to sniff EVERYTHING and I look out for foliage mentally and sometimes actually sniping away. (with owners permission and other such legal disclosure)

There are flowers everywhere if you look for them, often with honeysuckle, philadelphus and jasmine you smell them first if not drowned out by the scent of sausages on a BBQ.

I might do a photo study entitled "weird places Valerian grows"

Isn't this all so idyllic? Do you have a vision of a girl in a tea dress with lots of basketware?

Of course the reality is that i am exhausted, sitting here tattooed up to the hilt, wearing a Metallica t-shirt and smoking on a Marlboro Red.

The joys of the Internets.

Come and be a part of it, find out for yourself. 


Bow Street Flowers said...

How could anyone wonder why so many Americans are Gaga over Great Britain. You can try to bring us down to earth in the end, but infatuation dies hard.

Mrs Beard said...

Ahh Rutland, we were there fleetingly this weekend for a wedding on the village green in Waltham on the Wold. So purty.

Valerian was indeed EVERYWHERE. It is all over Rutters. That and poppies.

Please swap your Marlborough Red for JPS, black goes with everything darling.

flwrjane said...

O to be in England! Do I always say this?

Mean it.

xo J.

Martin & the Magpie said...

pass the matches.....

Country Flora said...

Flowers is every lover like

karen barclay said...

What sort of car is the blue one in your pictures> love it.