This much I know

I love weddings
I am good at them, not in a shout it from the rooftops, retweet all the compliments and make all the selfies way, just in a finally discovering some self confidence sort of way.
I really like chips, with salt NO vinegar straight from the paper.
I have shuffled the shop around again.
and am quite into plants.
I am addicted to M&S croissants.
I always fall for the wrong boys.
The Hound has slimmed into his new collar.
Seeing the international space station from your back garden is a thrill
This weekend i am going to the seaside, I am taking the big camera
I need a new left shoulder.
If you fill a Dutch crate with cold water and put your feet in it, it's nothing like all the holiday snaps on Facebook.
I have delved into the world of BB creams.
and had some use out of my panama hat this year.
I was really nervous about coming back to the blog, which is ridiculous and the sort of thing that i would roll my eyes at if i read it on somebody else's blog.
I roll my eyes at a lot of social media output
Except Instagram
I love working with Lotte
My inbox is full of beauty from the pro shots of weddings and happiness
I will start bringing them to you tomorrow


David said...

The Hound looks particularly stretchy in that shot. Will he be resuming his blog too?

Mandy Parker said...

So glad you are back.
So glad you have found your confidence, and are not afraid to say it.
Shouting from the roof tops sometimes is ok when you are really good at what you do. You are good at what you do.
Welcome back to your Blog. Look forward to reading more and seeing pics of wonderful Flowery creations:))

The Somerset Flower Farm

Sue A said...

How lovely. So glad you made it back, you were missed. Hound looking good (obviously), shop looking gorgeous (esp those white vases, highly covetable). Never doubt that you have an amazing talent, one which the rest of us can only aspire to. Happy rest of the summer, have a lovely time at the seaside.

Becca said...

We have missed you.

The Origins BB cream is all kinds of awesomeness. I use them LOVINGLY as a replacement for any other kind of make-up.

I think you're an OK florist....if OK meant the best florist in the world ever. We got so many comments about our flowers and the smell....divinealicious.

I'm now going to go back to looking at my slideshow. I'm only about three million, seven hundred thousand, eight hundred and two views in. Today. Thats just today.

Kate@The Gorgeous Flower Company said...

Have missed your blog!
p.s. Have you tried Dr. Sebagh: Creme Vital?

Mother Hen said...

Three cheers for confidence, everyone knows you make stunningly beautiful things...........apart from you that is
The Hound is sleeping soundly on his bed after a very busy morning. Hope you are not missing him too much. Have a fab time at the seaside. Don't bother bringing back rock please. Xxx