Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

Only know you love her when you let her go


People think the post title are secret messages to people.
They aren't.
Well rarely.
Quite often.

Not today, today is just because it's the only song ever played anywhere.

and besides i've opted for a much less subtle approach.

We've been busy, very busy, and hot, and wet.

I don't have the right clothing for any of this.

I have given into the curl, and stopped straightening my hair, the "eat clean train dirty" mantra has disintegrated into eat all the fried chicken and all the bread.

and we've made some really beautiful things

and I'm loving it.

This thing they call the wedding season.

*I don't know where the Bill Murray picture came from it just appeared in my photo stream.


Mrs Beard said...

The Small Child is no longer small.

Those flowers look delicious.

and Bill Murray is awesome. No, you're awesome. No, YOU are.

Mrs T-J said...

Amazing "unwilted flowers".

A little perturbed, are guests seated facing the panelling, as beautiful as it is but....?

That song along with Blurred Lines is all you hear over here too!


Florist Blog said...

Love the floral centerpieces - so beautiful!

Charity said...