If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue

and walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch

If you can work out what the hell to wear that means you are nor too hot nor too cold in this season changeover.

Bloody love Kipling. I added that last bit, sorry Mr Baines.

It is late summer it is also early autumn, i have chosen autumn today, filled the shop with gourds and worn a polo neck. Doubtless by lunch it will be 24 degrees and people will be wanting peonies.

Congratulations to The Mother Hen and The Captain. It is their 10th wedding anniversary today, we have been house sitting

"Help yourself to anything you see in the freezer" they said

They said freezer
I heard garden.


joebloggs said...

I heard drinks cabinet!
Here today- morn : winter, mist cold wet
Aft: mid summer, hot, wet, almost sun burn.

flwrjane said...

Apparently the Hound heard garden also.

Any game thereabouts?

I start with a jacket, strip to a long sleeve tshirt and end with a sweater.

Such are the vagaries of the unstylish in autumn.

xo J.