Keeping it wild - Miss P's Flower school

Monday the 4th of November

at the shop

7 St. Paul's street, Stamford, PE9 2BE

9.30 - 4.30

Keeping it wild

My love of mixing lots of foliage with the very best of flowers is well documented, as is my love for using herbs and edibles. Creating asymmetrical designs with a wild and rugged and perhaps a quirky feel, although the word quirky has been grossly overused and I'm struggling with an alternative.

This flower school is about me imparting all that knowledge to you, how to use foliage and edibles to their best effect without it looking like you got signed up for the harvest festival on the church rota.

The day will begin with you making a handtied bouquet, and a head-dress, followed by lunch by a roaring fire in The Tobie Norris with wine.

Then the afternoon will be table centres and tricks of the trade.

During the day you have free reign of all the flowers and foliage in the shop, so everybody will create something different, allowing you to as Madonna once said "Express Yourself"

There will be a chance for gossip, stroking of The Hound, and discussion on whether or not i should have dyed my hair dark, i did, so the answer to this is yes. Heads up.

The price for the day is £250, which includes all materials, tools, vessels, food and beverages.

You don't need to have any previous floral experience or knowledge, just enthusiasm and warm clothing.

Buy your spot now in the online shop, or for further information email 

and if you can't make this one, there will be a Floral Coalition one on December 1st in Glasgow.
Imaginatively titled The Floral Coalition flower school Christmas.


Kay said...

quirky = eclectic = whimsical = curious??? Any good ?

Georgie Steeds said...

Eccentric?...... the nicest possible English sort, might sum it up.

flwrjane said...

I wish.