Show me a garden that's bursting into life

The Eden Project, home of large plastic domes, and very good chocolate cake. Chocolate cake made of beans.

My top tips for visiting.

1.Wear flat shoes obvs. The Eden Project is all about the environment, harvesting rainwater for the loos and what have you, but this doesn't mean you have to wear Birkenstocks/ velcro sandals, 3/4 cargo trousers and a fleece. Just something you can walk in, and layers, walking from the car park was freezing cold winds, and the Rainforest biome is hot.
2.You can save money on your ticket by booking online, but you need to do this 24 hours before, not the morning of...
3.Don't bother with the app, unless you are a very appy sort of person, the free paper map is great, and it is all well sign posted.
4.You can turn your ticket into an annual pass just by swiping it and registering your email address.
5.There is free wifi in the buildings, but not in the grounds, so you can Instagram all the things.
6.Those of a florist rather than a gardener nature, please note you aren't allowed to cut all the things and put them in a vase, it's punishable by execution or something, don't give in to the temptation. Put your hands in your pockets, bite down on a stick, whatever works for you.
7.The hard structures are as fascinating as the plants, I wasn't expecting that.
8.The cafe in the core has a really lovely terrace, and that chocolate cake and earl grey tea. Which beans?? Which beans do you put in chocolate cake?
9.There are beautiful picnic areas everywhere if you are a packed lunch sort of person.
10. The rainforest biome is very humid, and if like me you are weak of chest, take your inhaler.
11. After visiting you will want to move to Australia/ South Africa and be like all the floral instagramers with their  leucodendron argenteum
12. All the gardeners have those fancy Felco secateurs in their tool belts. You will covet them.
13. It really is an amazing place, I can't wait to go again at another time of year.
14. The shop is full of plants, and jams, and really good foccacia
15. We went this week, in the vast space, there was only one annoying child, going when the schools are back is the way forward.
15. Snow Patrol

also you can now take your dog in, not into any of the buildings, but the grounds. Wonderful.


Lotte and Bloom said...

oh lord, it all looks spectacular. thanks for the tour. p.s. bite down on a stick = very lolz xx

cara said...

17. They do weddings.

Kay said...

this is the only lyric i've know before being told.....i need to listen to more stuff....x

flwrjane said...

Well this was a post worth waiting for, and god knows we have been waiting.

I want to go. But of course I'd say that.

I believe your pictures do it justice.

xo Jane