All our readers really want are nice pictures

This morning i did a telephone interview

"What has inspired you today?"
"Nick Sloane"
"Sorry, what did you say?"
"Nick Sloane, Chief salvage master, overseeing the Costa Concordia, can you imagine being given the task of working out how to right it? He's like Red Adair, I'm in awe"


"Right, probably our readers just want to know a colour or something, shall i just put sequins or feathers, feathers are very big at the moment, could you be inspired by feathers instead?"


Len said...


And you are inspired by feathers, how fascinating.

Lotte and Bloom said...

that is so good, and so very true.

also, are you back on the gerbs now

Julie said...

Well at least your pretty pictures are very inspiring, and you are right - Nick Sloane did an amazing job.

Mrs Beard said...

Could you discuss your love of sticking tiny crystals to flowers as well? Also spraying them with glitter at Christmas time? Also people who are 'just looking'?

I heart you.

Michelle Y said...

How disappointing that they think their readers would not find your answer totally thought-provoking.