of blue, which has been the most refreshing change after the wedding season
and the beginning of Christmas, (first wreath of the year always takes a few to get your hand in)

Not pictured is the moment i slipped yesterday, went up in the air and fell hard, that bit between knowing you are going to fall and actually landing seems like a lifetime.

also not pictured is the moment when i got home and everything seized up and i couldn't get out of the bath and wondered if i was going to die and be eaten by alsatians. (name that film)

I chose gin.

This week Christmas is coming early as we have a magazine coming to photograph us. I am hoping by then the bruising will have subsided and the limp less obvious.

The Hound's presence was requested, he is still finishing his rider.


Julia P. said...

Bridget Jones... get better soon, Miss Pickering.

Delovelyish said...

Bridget Jones Diary. Of course. :) Glad you had some gin-- Bridge would approve.

flwrjane said...

You never fail to amaze. Blue. Huh.

Ouchy. Hope you feel a little more limber today.

xo J.

Mother M said...

I understand that he has requested black truffles from Monte Baldo and foie gras from Strasbourg. Arnica for you and sorry about the genes

domestikate said...

Gin ... and Chaka Khan??

Hope you're feeling better!

Mrs Beard said...

Feel better soon!

I like the blue very much.

Please deliver this to Bucks.