Hashtag BTS

Friday was the You magazine Christmas shoot.

We took over most of the street, commandeering fireplaces and doors.

Banging nails into things

all in the spirit of editorial.

It really was a fascinating day, i love watching other creatives at work, the lingo of other industries, page sizes/ lens types, what hashtag bts means on the instagram (behind the scenes)

The photographer was Brent Darby, with his assistant Kristy. When most photographers come they bring out ALL the lights and the pictures look yellow, but Brent went with what natural light was available and used a very slow shutter speed, (5d mkiii) and for that fact alone, he is at the top of my favourite photographers to work with list. Plus he made having my picture taken relatively painless.

From the magazine, Clare Nolan and her assistant Nicole, who were just the loveliest people, full of ideas and a joy to have in the shop.

The Hound performed terribly well for once.

It's going into the 1st December issue of the You magazine (Mail on Sunday)

The new signage in the shop by Dani, there is more, you will see on the 1st.

and more of what we made and more behind the scenes and all that shizzle.


Mother Hen said...

Your public await the edition xxx

Sue A said...

Fabulous. I can't wait to see the results. Has the Hound got his own agent yet? Hope your bruises are better. xx

Mrs T-J said...

Stellar Miss P xxx

Mrs Beard said...

But what did you WEAR???? x