La belle et le bad boy

I spent quite a lot of last night trawling through the archives.
I really know how to live.
The rest of the time comforting The Hound from fireworks, he can hear a rocket go off 29 miles away, but can't hear me shouting him to get up on a morning.
So I've taken to giving him commands in French, it seems to work, and also firmly cements me in town as that tweed wearing, eccentric florist crazy old bat.
I'm just a few years and 6 lurchers away from reaching my goal of being the crazy dog lady.

In amongst all the flower photographs, were some old ones of yours truly, TOMP and Ma Hen.

but not enough of brides

so if you have yet to send me your pro pics

please do so

right now

because there is nothing a wedding photographer likes more than a florist emailing to ask for some images, and they send the ones with just the flowers in, and i have to email back and say they are lovely, but could i have some with people in too? because i have 600 of the bouquets before they went out, but i don't have a single one of the bouquet in the brides hand, you know to set the scene.

Thanks ever so


Mother Hen said...

Loving the blooms and also halcyon days with my delightful girls. Before anyone says curly perm, wrong, unfortunately it is natural xxx

Mrs Beard said...

Your Mother is extremely 80's chic, I love it.

All of the flowers are beyond gorgeous, I think you have my photos but let me know if you need any!

Mrs T-J said...

Mother Hen continues to be ultra chic, she knows no other way. The flowers are sublime Miss P, I have serious flower envy xxx