of persimmons and pomegranates

Yesterday there was a flower school
it was glorious

The loveliest group of ladies who made arrangements and hand tied bouquets and headresses and corsages and ate cassoulet and drank wine and talked of hounds and weddings and I didn't take enough photographs of everybody and everything they made.

I am a big fan of adding fruit to florals,

to enable one's guests to reach over pluck a ripe plum or a grape to eat with their cheese course.

it has a certain interactive decadence

and after years of being bombarded by DIY and budget

are we not all ready for a bit of wanton decadence?

Over the next 2 weeks I am going to overhaul the website and this blog so that it might actually be able to tell you when the next flower schools are.


and on another note, i haven't blogged that many weddings this year yet, because they are bound for publications far fancier than this first.

Come December i will bombard you with what i spent the summer doing.

Stand by your beds.

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flowers on my table said...

It all sounds terribly exciting! The flowers look fab, I love your colour scheme, seasonal, yet different.Good luck with all your ventures. Love Linda x