Lately and in no particular order

Tales from my iphone and camera.
It is only half the story
The half that involves whites and greens
and museums.

Did you make a resolution to get fit this year?
Me too

I think this is the thing

are you in?
can we do it together with the aid team support and a good sports bra?

Listen to this whilst you do it.

Happy New Year


Jeska said...

The pears look delicious and the couch to 5k is down loaded and on my ipod awaiting a clear sky! Thanks for the tip ;) x

Elissa said...

Love your floral designs and
photos. Where did you purchase
your heart shaped pink dutch oven?

Happy New Year!

Mrs Beard said...

This might be my favourite selection of photos yet on your blog. Lovely.

Hoping to pop in and see you this weekend as in Rutters x