Back on the chain gang

A beautiful Spring wedding.

Rankels, roses, tulips, lilac, jasmine and what have you for M & J.

Stubton Hall was the venue, if you want a venue sans swirly carpets and heavy brocade chairs,  and avec chandeliers and nice pots, this is for you.

Fresh flower cake toppers are so much prettier than sugar ones.

but i have jumped on the Sarah Wilson band wagon so sugar is now a banned substance.

The Pretenders obvs


Bodkin said...

Your blog is a delight . ok to put your wool window pic on my blog? ,will obviously credit you. can't wait to see your book. love your work. hesta from bodkin

Lyndal said...

Totally agree re the fresh flowers vs sugar thing. But be warned: the Sarah Wilson gig is tough - worth it, but tough! It gets easier though. Good luck!

Mother Hen said...

Stunning, venue and floral arrangements, also adoring those chandeliers