I know you have a little life in you yet

I know you have a lot of strength left.

My grandmother is very poorly, things as a consequence have been a bit shit.

I'm so proud of Ma Hen, who has moved mountains. We have joked that there is a photo of her in all consultants' offices and written above it "Do whatever she wants doing, she won't let up"

I have done the usual Miss P. thing of shutting out all the people, because they have an annoying habit of saying things like "she's had a good innings" or recounting tales of what they believe to be similar experiences as a way of showing empathy. Equally annoying. I know I'm a bitch, people are trying to be nice.

Once you have shut out all the people, the only thing left is work. I have thrown myself whole heartedly into flowers, weddings, searching for the perfect vessels. Finding a new variety of rose, or the perfect shaped vase in which to show it off. I'm like an addict, wide eyed, scouring.

I shall bring you images of new vessels another time, but for now i bring you yarn.

A furniture shop was getting rid of lots of yarn, so i bought the lot and filled them with ranunculus. The shop window is uncharacteristically minimal. Customers are unsure about it, i can sense they feel uncomfortable, wondering if when they come in next time it will be to an entirely zen space.

and quite a lot of people have come in asking if i have wool suitable for making cardigans.

Kate Bush

In other news

Baby George is such a dude
New blogging schedule = 2 posts a week Tuesdays and Thursday
I haven't eaten any sugar
I have put the shop heater away and bought cosmos plants, so if the temperature plummets, you can blame me.
Might start selling wool


flwrjane said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother.

I hope she pulls through. Sounds like your mother has enough strength to make it happen.

No shame in being a bitch.

the best of us are.

Hugs and love to you and your family.

xo J

Caro said...

How horrid about your Grandmother for you, life can be full of pooh at times.

Love the yarn!

Happy wedding looking and planning.


Mrs T-J said...

That "good innings" phrase should be banished.

People are just trying to be nice, they feel awkward but you know that, it still feels rubbish though I agree.

Grandma couldn't have a better tour de force than Ma Hen, no one could.

Much love and healing hugs from afar. xxx

Mrs Beard said...

I do the same.

Sad times give you a free pass to be a bitch anyway.

Minimalism unsettles me slightly too. But if the yarn is anything to go by then I like your version.

Erin said...

Sad about your grandmother. Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel are perfect for the occasion .