Of nominations and churches

Yesterday The Hound and I discovered this very blog had been shortlisted for a Wedding Magazine Wedding blog award.

I didn't even know we had been nominated, so being shortlisted is lovely. Thank you to whomever nominated us.

We are in the Wedding flower blog category. People who have never read this blog before might find us and think

"What fresh hell is this?"

We aren't exactly big on the wedding flowers lately are we? More grumpiness and the odd bit of food, an half hearted attempts at chiaroscuro.

So here are some wedding flowers from a May wedding, these were taken by my wonderful friend Clara Molden (who wasn't the wedding photographer) i hope to bring you the wedding photographs too with a bride and groom under the arch, and all the tales. It was a glorious wedding.

Bound to win now.

You can vote here if you like.

I should probably mount some sort of kind of campaign to gain votes, but i fall into the camp of self deprecation and awkwardness when it comes to this sort of thing.


Donatella said...

I voted for you! You have beautiful wedding flowers.

Mrs Beard said...

I have voted! If it wasn't for this blog, I might not have popped in when we were househunting in Stamford and then I wouldn't have met you, my wedding flowers would definitely have been a disaster without you and I wouldn't have had a friendly face to gossip with in Lincs. So there.

Avril said...

I voted for you; indeed on a trip to Stamford last Monday I called to say hello and tell you how much I enjoyed your blog and your flower photos...but you were out delivering flowers it said. We then discovered that John Clare's cottage closes at three so we didn't get to see that either. Never mind, I now know that Stamford is a very fine town.