The world was on fire and no one could save me but you

There has been a lot of pink lately, and some starfish. 
Which smell,
potentially even worse than gyp.
Add stocks and mint

It is summer "add stocks and mint" is generally the answer to most problems.

and it is very hot (by English standards) which means that the whole town is animated. There is nothing we like more than a good extreme weather front to moan about.

People you have never spoken to in your life will cross the street to say

"hot enough for you?"

"we shouldn't complain should we? but a drop of rain wouldn't go amiss"

But we do complain, 20 degrees really is the maximum we can cope with here. We know what to do, what to wear.

Above that men start taking their tops off, and i mutter under my breath that this is not Puerto Banus.

Surprising how many people have tattoos that you didn't know about.

and then do you ever get that thing where you hear a word or a place and then it is all you hear for evermore? sort of like Deja-vu but nothing like it. There is town not far from where i grew up that I keep hearing, and then i had a enquiry to do a wedding there. Is it some sort of sign? Or am i part of a weird Derren Brown tv experiment?

Either way.

Road trip.

Chris Isaak

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