Men I would like to eat Tuna Carpaccio with, version 2.0

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mr Owen.


KELLY said...

yes please. a bit grubby is good too.
who was version 1.0?

Gigibird said...

I did used to quite fancy him but he now sports the most alarming almost fluorescent white teeth EVER which I'm sure would make me shriek with hysterics.

Miss Pickering said...

Who doesn't love a bit of grubby? Part 1 was the delectable Yvan Attal.

I think I could handle the teeth, although false would be a definite deal breaker.

KELLY said...

just noticed your version one. sigh. yvan...my heart skips a beat...as it does for his wife too. if i lived in the same country as them i think i'd be considered a stalker! yes...i'm officially over-ruling my clive vote i'm afraid.

who will version 3 be i wonder? this could roll and roll : ) hope you're feeling better today! xxx