Things that have occupied my mind today

1. Last night I had dinner out, as we left the maître d' presented me with all the red roses they had left over from Valentine's. There were 14, is this the new dozen? Is it coals to Newcastle? - No it's not by the way.
2. Has Liberty's revamp changed the inherent quirkiness of the shop? I will find out on Sunday, London trip planned.
3. Is The Hound the most photographed dog in the world?
4. Is buying a 4 litre commercial blender for domestic use really necessary?
5. According to The Telegraph KFC are creating 9,000 new jobs in the UK. One of their new restaurants in Winchester took £100,000 in it's first week - Mr Ferrari and I tried to work out how many pieces of actual chicken this would equate to - never having been to one before it took a while, and there were a few guesstimates and assumptions made - who is eating all this chicken?
6. I have also had thoughts on blogging, today somebody in the industry said that they wouldn't as it gives too much away, which is true, larger floral organisations and competitors read it, and some of my posts are copied and recrafted elsewhere. Do you worry about this sort of thing? Still it has to be easier than pitching up at Random House with a manuscript."The tales of a gin drinking eccentric florist and a gangly lurcher" Non?
57. Does dropping a digital SLR onto a concrete floor affect it's performance? - seemingly not, although thankfully it was mine and not Mr F's.
96. If like me you sometimes take to hoovering in your underwear, make sure it isn't the day the window cleaner comes.


Jane said...

People who steal from blog posts have the problem that they have no ideas of their own - and really that is not going to do them much good in the long run.
Do let me know your opinion on the Liberty revamp!

Caroline said...

Re 4: Absolutely.
Re 57: I bounced mine on a marble floor earlier and it seems to be ok. Digital SLRs are clearly more resilient than we imagine.

Hello, by the way. I was directed here by Mr Naylor yesterday - meant to pay a fleeting visit but ended up reading all your posts. Great blog.

Miss Pickering said...


I agree, we are all inspired by other peoples work, but direct copying is just downright unimaginative.
Will keep you posted on Liberty's.

Miss Pickering said...

Dear Rake,

What a fabulous name, I see that you too favour the Top Gear style of food production - liquidiser powered by a V8 engine.

Mr Naylor is my brand knight in shining armour, he is my favourite TV Farmer, and my media mentor.

I am amazed that my blog could be read for so long, it is a great compliment to my writing, or perhaps you are just unemployed, and Phil and Fern had finished?