Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque

I know odd title, the Prefab Sprout song was on the radio as I drove home on Saturday night - and it beats the rather predictable post title - Valentine's Day

I present to you, the "Leopard" bunch, and the "Marry me" bunch. We have yet to hear whether the Leopard bunch had the desired effect......

I can declare that the Marry Me bunch, was a resounding success. I actually cried when it was ordered, - I am a sucker for a romantic tale, but also the couple in question are just lovely. We have seen them through the wooing bouquets, the I love you bouquets, the birth of their beautiful daughter bouquets, and now an engagement. Despite the downsides of being a florist, as you will recall here and here, being a small part of the monumental moments of peoples' lives is truly wonderful.

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Joan -BORNAY- said...

wow!! very 80's song! great title!
I love prefab sprout! great bouquets too!