6 poached salmon

There was a party. The salmon were poached, the chicken Elizabethed and a rabbit went in the pot.
A beautiful girl in an ivory dress, a boy with a suitcase and a man with an amazing sleight of hand. Not to be outdone The Hound took a turn of the room and wowed the crowds. Of course there were flowers, roses and mint, hydrangea and dahlias, and some cheese and chutney, and a green elixir of which I shall bring you the recipe, should Mr Ferrari oblige...

Three counties were offered up as God's own, plans were made, and those shoes had an outing.

Later we all took time out to remember Frank and Ruby.

Will you forgive me an indulgent post?, littered with private jokes known only to a select few. Perhaps if I list the flowers used in the tablecentres? Would that help?

Roses: Sweet Avalanche, Chaim soutaine, Rannucular, Milca sensation, Magic pepita and Black Baccara. Hydrangea, dahlia, viburnum tinus berries, copper beech, rosemary, mint,oak, lisianthus, cotinus, nerine and eucalyptus.

Parce que vous le valez bien

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