Wedding bells (again because blogger seemed to have lost the photos)

My name is Miss Pickering and I cry at weddings. In my line of work this equates to a lot of tears. I think it is a culmination of factors,
1.I generally get quite attached to my brides.
2.Weddings involve a lot of late nights and early mornings.
3.Being a part of what people will later describe as "The best day of my life" can be a bit stressful 4.I quite often bang my knee, stub my toe, or burn my finger on the glue gun in pursuit of floral excellence.
5.I am a sentimental old fool


Sarah said...

Just beautiful!
Would you please tell me the names of the blush/pale pink rose and the cream rose in the top bouquet? Thanks!

Sarah said...

Just lovely!!
Would you mind telling me the names of the pale pink/blush and cream colored roses in the top bouquet please?