-6 degrees C

Everybody with a thermometer in their car has told me the temperature today. -6 is the lowest recorded temperature, taken by a Mercedes on the school run.

It is offically too cold for a witty post, so instead a snap of my hair and nails.


KELLY said...

i am liking the extensions...but you should be wearing fingerless mitts in this weather! i have been home and fighting the urge to put the heating on whilst wearing so many layers it's hard to move. i gave up at 3 though much to bosco's approval! Xx

Miss E said...

I love the hair, it looks fantastic! Where did you have those done? its almost impossible to find a decent hairdresser in these parts and I am desperate for some cheryl extensions of my own to cheer up the winter months. Also my boyfriend has just bought a Mercedes so I feel I should up my game somewhat!