How to make an advent arrangement.

1. Select a suitable old pot, if it is not watertight, just insert a yoghurt pot or cut down Evian bottle. Terracotta is very nice, particularly if it has been sitting in the garden for a century or two, but it is porous, so line with cellophane first.
2. Soak some foam, and secure in the pot. This can be done with floral tack and a frog, or some pot tape, or just fitting it nice and snug.
3. Wire up your candle, this is the single most boring photograph on this blog, but the candle needs to be secure.
3. Stick candle on foam, insert foliage from the garden of a suitable Christmas nature. You can also add flowers, these won't last all of advent, but you can replace them when they go over.
4. I happened to use a pot leftover from the wedding fayre, nipped out to Coleman, and bought the 4. Brilliant.
5. This morning The Hound was on greeting duty, he is now in his mood room, looking at pictures of Peter Bowles and cheese.

Other things that deserve a mention

Jimmy's Food Factory, seeing food made on an industrial scale, and recreating it in a barn? Masterchef meets Scrapheap challenge. I sort of knew potato snacks weren't made of actual potato, but dehydrated starch water....new series please.
SuBo, very uncomfortable to watch, but I like the wild horses.

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Mrs B said...

Miss P.....you have excellent taste...but the wild horses.....really???
Please, please, please can we see your golden locks? Can't you get the hound to model them?
Hope your weekend is much lovelier than the one I've got lined up xx