Looks like an early wnter

I don't remember it being this cold, this time last year. Conversation between florists, (you see we are all great pals) is not of rose types, or the latest celebrity atrocity in Hello magazine. It is of thermals, where to buy the best, the prettiest, the one's that come in a wider selection of colours. To ugg or not to ugg, warming soup and of course the return of florist face.

We are filling seashells with pale roses, The Hound is tucked up in his new "In the style of" Missoni duvet, and dreaming of a weekend in Morocco. Gwen Stefani is providing the appropriate soundtrack.


Mrs B said...

Oooh lovely, is that where the hound takes his morning dip?
Covered in glitter today - Christmas has come early this year.......if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Betty said...

I'd love to know the answer re: best thermals!

KELLY said...

brrrrr! i have to say that i have been ugging since september. today i went out in my patent mary janes and currently have toe-freeze. my feet are now tucked under a snoozing bosco cat to thaw since coming home.

those roses look stunning...another fine display and perfect somehow for the icy-ness that seems to be descending. i'm off to light the woodstove...Xx

Anonymous said...

Dearest Miss Pickering

May I take a few moments of your time to say how beautiful my recent delivery of flowers from your fine establishment are. Wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. So good to see the Mother Hen on tip top form. Hoping all is well.

Fondest wishes
Miss Duddington