Only the prettiest things

are allowed on or near the new dresser. I mixed my own colour, it is a sort of battleship grey, but in a good way. You really can't go wrong with grey.

Kelly has delivered some more vintage button magnets. Good ladies of Stamford your prayers have been answered, get them whilst stocks last.

Tomorrow and what seems like forever more is all about wreaths, blogging may have to be discontinued.



KELLY said...

wow...it turned out just right! {in your spare time you could do a side line in paint-mixing!!} it really does look lovely and i am blushing to see the magnets taking to the stage. good luck with your wreath wednesday...do report back on the state of your nails when all's done! Xx

Anonymous said...

wow, what a transformation.

You must be delighted.


Miss Pickering said...

If you look closely the paint job isn't great despite 2 coats of "undercoat", time was of the essence.

Mrs B said...

Looking lovely. I think you must have elves in your shop that work through the night.... Where do you find the time?! .. Please pop some of them in a box and post to Manchester asap xx

{Love, Love, Love} said...

The sideboard looks fab and I love my vintage button magnets; they are so pretty and useful into the bargain! x

Mother Hen said...

A triumph Miss P, I am loving it. Now, when can you come and do mine too?