I ain't no Kirstie Allsop

Making your own cards with lino is harder than she made it look, cutting is fine, printing not so much. The last time i did this was a school, I still have the lino cut, it was my best thing ever created in the art room within those walls of grey. I have lost my touch.
It may have helped to start it a bit earlier
I shall stick to making wreaths
and selling flowers.

The snow hasn't reached us yet, but the icy winds are blowing. I am wearing 3 thermal tops, 2 dresses, Uggs and a beret.

I am not sure about the beret.


Anonymous said...


That sounds a bit "Mmmm Betty, the cat's done a whoopsie"ish to me

Mother Hen said...

The beret will remind you of Stamford High School days. I also wish to report that I have for the first time in many years decorated the tree in a very retro style including decorations made by both Miss Pickerings and the small child....to add even more sentiment I have just found some silver lametta (price tag circa 1980) which has now been festooned upon the noble fir! Happy days

Anonymous said...

your wreaths are beautiful, your lino prints look like they were quite good fun and Kirsty Allsop is a cheat!

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Looking on the bright side, you didn't injure yourself. I have sustained a number of lino cutting scars over the years.

Anonymous said...

ohhh --- I have heard that is it chilly. Wishing you some warmth. We can't all be good at everything so we will stick to what we know. Suzi