A man walks into a shop

Man: "I don't think I have ever seen a florist with painted nails of bright red before, or indeed one that has pheasants hanging up waiting to be plucked, or one that wears leopard print shoes."

Miss P: "You really should get out more"

Also a lady has just dropped her shopping and broken a bottle of wine all over the shop floor. The scent of cheap Pinot is not adding to the ambiance i am trying to create.


Anonymous said...

Well how very boring that chap must be....I just loye checking in with you every day. I think you sound fab !!!

KELLY said...

no doubt he'll be back then?! all those delightful things are worth a visit to your floral emporium let alone the amazing flowers!

we've had pheasant 2 nights running. my dad undressed them for me and they made a delicious pot roast. tonight is plainer fayre of beans on toast...only because we gorged on popcorn and chocolate earlier whilst watching george clooney on the big screen.

nice to know shoe season is back again...the thaw is on!

Anonymous said...

I am sure the lady would have bought some flowers even if just out of guilt.
I red nail and leapord skin wearing florist! I am sure he will be back.
wow pheasants!

Ros said...

Your florist shop sounds awesome!! I love reading your blog entries, I just read your story about how you came to owning your hound - such a funny, happy story!