How to chase away the winter blues

1. Hang a ring of flowers on your door
2. Fill your home with posies of flowers and herbage
3. Read this book The Virgin Gardener, it will lift your spirits and have you reaching for seed catalogues and your wellies
4. Wear a colourful scarf, The Hound looks so happy wearing it does he not?
5. Kiss a stranger
6. Have a Pina Colada
All other suggestions on a postcard if you will.
Merci Beaucoup


Anonymous said...

Miss Pickering,

That wreath is GORGEOUS!!!

Mr Tinkler

Miss Pickering said...

Mr Tinkler

Perhaps you will join me in crossing fingers that it gets to London in one piece?

Also are you the Mr Tinkler from my primary school?

Miss Pickering

Anonymous said...

Miss P,

I didn't go to school with you.

Are you dating? Have i got a chance?

Mr T

Miss Pickering said...

Mr Tinkler

Would you know what I meant if I said

"It's complicated" ?

Miss Pickering

Anonymous said...

Miss Pickering,

Have u got a secret ingredient for


Darcy said...

Freshly baked crusty homemade bread with the homemade soup of your choice, can't help but lift the spirits. I feel it should be on your list, of course you can wear a colourful scarf whilst eating it, surround yourself with flowers & herbage & prop your slippered feet on the fender of a roaring wood fire for extra toastieness.

KELLY said...

blow a raspberry on a baby's tummy.
coral nail polish.
lemon drizzle cake.
i like all your suggestions too.

{oo-er mr tinkler!}

hope to come see you once the snow has gone for good and the snowdrops are out. Xx

Mother Hen said...

Now Mr Tinkler, "what is your name and where do you come from".....are you old enough to remember blind date?

Mrs B said...

That wreath is so very beautiful. I do hope the wall has accompanied it to London in order to show it off to it's full potential xx

Anonymous said...

Ah winter blues - I am feeling those end of summer blues coming on.
I do love the wreath- and the happy hound

Miss E said...

I own that book too and it certainly does lift the spirits, i adore her simple ideas. Other suggestions for lifting the winter blues are reading Bazaar Style for inspiration for everything vintage and for buying everything vintage I have just discovered Ruby Roost . But I warn you visit it at your peril I have already spent too much, the glass candle sticks and little vintage mirror are to die for.


Emily Quinton said...

It certainly has arrived in London in one piece! It's hanging on my door.
I adore it and the flowers are just perfect.
Many photos coming tomorrow. Having a rare night off xx