Life is a Richard Curtis movie.

At the weekend a certain gentleman stood in the shop and said

"Look at us, look at the shop, we are like characters in a Richard Curtis movie"

I was mortified, there it was, my life summed up.

Maybe you want to be in a Richard Curtis movie? Pop in, you can walk past the flowers and sing "Ain't no sunshine" *

Or maybe you want to do the whole
"I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her" thing.
The Hound has been walking past all day, in an attempt to look as happy as Mr Grant. All this grey rain is getting to him. I made the suggestion of perhaps adding little colour to his wardrobe. He says his problems are a little more deep seated, and the blues can't be chased away by adding a jaunty scarf or some colourful beads......he is such a drama queen.

Camera cuts to Miss P contemplating what toppings to have on a Tobie Norris pizza.
* I remember when they filmed this. Waking up with a hangover, in search of coffee and The Telegraph, it was quite a sight.


Mrs Jones said...

That's one of my favourite romantic movie lines ever - I know there is no accounting for taste. I'm a sucker for Richard Curtis. If Hugh ever pops in do give me a call.

Darcy said...

I totally sympathise over The Hounds grey moods, this weather is enough to get anybody down. Mr Darcy my border collie has decided a new interest is the key and has taken up postman bating, as ours is a particularly unappealing person with a disposition that would curdle milk, I have yet to put a stop to it, of course I am safe in the knowledge that Mr Darcy is too much of a gentleman to inflict harm. He is finding it very theraputic!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog more an more and more. You are hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

lola made pancakes with toppings of lemon juice, treacle and sugar yummy!

Anonymous said...

Where were u born Miss P? North? South? East or West?

Miss Pickering said...

The North, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Pickering,

I love that line in Notting Hill. My friend has a house boat at Ladbroke Grove. He wants to meet you.

Mr Tinkler

Anonymous said...

My dear I think this is a massive compliment!
Notting hill has one of my most favourite movie scenes ever in it. The dinner party ....ahh