Let me be your Supernova

Mr Hudson provided the soundtrack for pancakes this year.

Blueberries were heated with sugar scented with lavender flowers, and a little orange zest. Marscapone was sweetened with icing sugar and orange zest. Mint was chopped and scattered like a green snow flurry.
The end result was jubilee pancakes on speed.

I know what you are thinking. Miss P was your idea of juxtaposing the English tradition of pancakes with the fresher tastes of the Mediterranean, a representation of your life?

All the ingredients were in the reduced section at Waitrose.

The Hound had peanut butter and golden syrup, he retired early feeling a little unwell at having eaten 6 pancakes.


Rebecca said...

What is wrong with just good old plain sugar and lemon
I'm such a purist.
Congrats to the hound, I only managed 4

Mother Hen said...

In North Yorkshire, where we hale from, it was always golden syrup and lemon juice

I know I am biased but......that has to be the most adorable picture of the hound every