Please can it be Spring now?

The sun is out and taunting us, as it is actually still jolly cold. A colour scheme of yellow and grey seems appropriate. Daffodils are so very cheery.
Still we have pancakes to enjoy this evening, it being Shrove Tuesday and all. Last year we went fancy, what will it be this year? We are open to suggestion, and I must remember to buy eggs.
The Hound watched RB last night, that chocolate cup was seriously good, he has spent much of the day tempering and doing fanciness with cornflakes. He is hoping for suzette.
Also we have 2 sets of other florists in the shop today, it always amuses me. You can easily spot them, they turn everything upside down to see who your suppliers are, and go out of their way to get flower names wrong. Just be honest, then we can have a good chinwag.


Anonymous said...

I have been to Harrogate and went into Joules to get teh magazine. I love your blog more and more each day. Been in Jou

Mother Hen said...

I was loving RB yesterday evening and will be avidly watching all of this series....FYI our pancakes were filled with pomme puree, glace et miele de castagne......Parfait

PS You know the rules- never buy eggs!!!!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Found through Small But Charming...what a beautiful blog you have..and I have flowers on my mind too...I planted sweet peas all day...

I'll be back soon


Oh My! Floral said...

Ha! I never feel off telling people I'm a florist. I figure it's a great way to learn new things. Seeing as I'm beginning, people have been pretty nice.

P.S. your vday's were lovely.

Darcy said...

Oh Miss P what is the name of that beautiful yellow rose, how lovely (no I am not a florist!). I discovered my husband to be an excellent pancake chef (must be the tossing involved!) we indulged in my childhood favourite of maple syrup with Dennetts vanilla ice cream, scrummy!

Miss Pickering said...


It is actually a potted rose, normally associated with Grandmothers....i love them. The closest cut rose would be the Ilios. Ilios has a had a bad rap. It is most unassuming, but after a few days in a warm room, it will blow your socks off with beauty.

Mother Hen
They were 50% extra free. Does that make up for not having any of your abundant supply of very free range?