The dilemma

not like Nelly and Kelly, something much more serious. What to do with all the weekend's leftovers? I have feasted. A secret supper club, which I can't tell you about because it's like fight club, snatched snacks and a roast. But that was the weekend, and now it is the week, and a girl still needs to eat, so what to do with all the bits? Roast veg, cherry tomato, cream and apple sauce, a crab, and a piece of roasted belly pork.......which may or may not have any of it's crackling left since the photo was taken.

Suggestions please, whilst you think on I shall eat this sticky apple and pecan bun.


Katie twinkles said...

give it to the hound, bit by bit ?

tee hee

ps.I want a job as a word verification creator.

A fellow Miss P said...

Perhaps crab sandwiches, roasted vegetable soup, and pork and fennel skewers?

I tried the recipe you posted from Mr Ferrari for watercress sauce at the weekend, with a lovely soft salmon fillet. Like a fool, I managed to make the most basic mistake and used salad cress rather than watercress. It was weird. But I'm sure it'll be delish when I get the key ingredient right!

I really do adore this blog of yours, it makes me want to move to Stamford! Since I discovered it, I've managed to squeeze more flowers than I ever thought feasible into my humble abode, and have rediscovered a lust for shoes.

So um...thanks! Keep up the magical work.


Lara x

Miss Pickering said...

The Hound had plenty.....

I made a sandwich or 4, i took photos but blogger is having a fit and won't let me share them.

So glad you attempted one of Mr F's recipes he will be so pleased, and very interested to hear if it works with just normal cress?

Flowers, food and shoes, what more could a girl want? Enjoy

Katie...the job is yours, could you theme them each week?

Rebecca said...

I was going to recommend a sandwich, lashings of apple sauce and some white crusty bread. HmMmmmmmmmm....

Maybe some tomato, red pepper and basil soup? Maybe throw all the veg in - why not? A la 1940's stick it all in there's a war on style cooking.

Love the new banner Miss P. I'm debating getting some print shoes rather than my usual black for work, you've inspired me. I must be rebelling, I wore red lipstick last week and the world almost ended.

Mrs B said...

I am a terribly uninventive cook and would have no idea what to do with a crab - so pleased you opted for sandwiches. That crackling looks AAAAAAmazing....and I used to be a veggie until Mr B knocked some sense into me!
Just wanted to say I love the new banner xx

Adam said...

Crab -> Sandwiches
Pork -> Stirfry
Vegetables -> Pasta Sauce
Apple Sauce -> For the hound

Miss Pickering said...

I think animal print has a place in daily life. Maybe not zebra?

Mr B, well done on the veggie conversion.