Blocked view

This has been my view all day long. The Hound right in the corner of it. Whether planting out sweetpeas, reading the paper or just eating lunch, The Hound has been in my face, right in my face.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to everyone that has voted, we are at the top of the leader board, I can't actually believe it, now we have to stay there until the end of the month, so keep voting. It would be a terrible thing to peak early.

I think you can only do it once each, so find another computer, ask your neighbour to borrow theirs, or pop to your nearest internet cafe.

The prize is an eggcup.

The Hound has written his winners speech, expect a full on Gwyneth Paltrow, he has gone to look in his wardrobe for something "sparkly"

xoxo Wedding tomorrow

Dorset Cereals little awards

p.s. airspace may re-open tomorrow, The Other Miss Pickering and The Stamford Hen might be back before they qualify for U.S. Citizenship.

Miss you so much.


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Perhaps the hound needs a sister to play with?

Miss Pickering said...

Everytime i go on lurcher link or greyhound gap, he unplugs the modem.

He doesn't share attention.

I would love another one, are you offering up Bea?

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

There are some beautiful girlies on Southern Lurcher Rescue and I thought of him.
Bea eats flowers, she would munch her way through your emporium...