To whom it may concern

A very kind soul has nominated this blog for a Dorset Cereal blog award. Who was it? Please let me know.

The Hound and I are very touched.

You can vote for us here. It takes 5 seconds if you are quick at typing, 10 if you are a bit slower and only use one finger. Tell all your friends, and get them to vote too.

Click on the button. Thank you

Dorset Cereals little awards

Wedding pictures will be here just as soon as i reunite the camera with a charged battery. I cried when i saw the bride, quite a lot.


Becca said...

It takes 15 minutes if you are quite quick at typing but are on a train between London and Peterborough.
You now have 13 votes.

Miss Pickering said...

It's all those tunnels, it really doesn't get any easier until just before you pull onto platform 4.

Thank you for voting in extreme conditions.

bxcolby said...

Oooooh, good idea, should have thought of that - you've at the top of the leader board!

Anonymous said...

woooo hoooo you are in the lead as you should be.


Mr Tinkler

flwrjane said...

It only takes a heartbeat. You now have 55 votes. We will receive no flowers from Holland due to the ash.I might need to post pics of your arrangements. Thank God we have local flowers blooming.

MrsP said...

I think it may have been me?? Not sure- it's my age...I forget things all the time! but it could have been a huge mistake as everyone is voting for you and no-one is voting for me- I feel like the girl who doesn't get picked for netball
Well done on being top of the leader board though

Julia said...

I nominated you some time ago!

I was on the Dorset Cereals website trying to win a VW Camper Van (which, they were sorry, I hadn't won on that occasion!)
I'm sure many others nominated you too.

Good Luck


Jules said...

It's 62 now!