There was a wedding

This was always going to be a rather marvellous wedding. The bridal consultation was held at the venue, in the evening, on the terrace, with wine.

If you are buying me wine, I'm doing your wedding.

It was glorious weather, and no volcanic ash fell from the sky.

There were a few hiccups, running out of diesel outside the church the night before, thankfully I came equipped with The Mother Hen, who not only took me in search of fuel, but filled up the can as well, as i was too scared. Camera battery dying was another one, I think i might dye my hair a different colour.

Later i will endeavour to bring you pictures of the reception, more of the church and a floral chandelier.

Keep voting, an awful lot of people are reading this because we are at the top of the leader board. Let's hope they get us, our little gang of twee.

Did you all have a good weekend? What the devil did you get up to? Have you seen any ash?

Dorset Cereals little awards


Becca said...

Oh they're so beautiful. My whole wedding scrapbook is filled with your pictures. Just your pictures. I hope you're available once we set a date otherwise I'm a bit stuck. Infact, I'm going to check with you before we set a date.

We will have wine.

I was affected by Ash although not directly. My train was busier because of lack of flights. That, combined with the tunnels has meant that I've been close to sucidal all week (I loathe public transport).

I think more wedding photo's might bring me back from the brink.

I voted on my work computer too.

Lula said...

gorgeous, adore jasmine in bouquets - so romantic.

voted- your blog is my most favourite. The egg cup is yours no doubt!

MrsP said...

Oh you can do my wedding- and there will be wine- oh bummocks I already got married- never mind we can just dring wine and talk about flowers =O)
No volcanic ash seen- but three new lovely ladies came to stay with us and they are adorable and my hounds took me and MrP for a walk in the woods complete with wild primroses, wild garlic and the bluebells poking through- bliss!

MrsP said...

PS forgot to say - I voted for you too- so next month can you vote for me - I need a new eggcup!!

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

The bouquet.. am totally speechless.. there can't be a bouquet more romantic than that one.

N a bit random, but I have been quite obsessed with those round corners for photos, I got those craft punches, but no idea how to do it on computer. You mind sharing how did them?

Mother Hen said...

Eau de diesel, you can't beat it! There was also some cursing and veiled threats of selling daughters into white slavery!!
The wedding however was an absolute delight, the bride was so, so radiant and the guests tres elegant. Superb xxxx
PS If you have the egg cup, I have the eggs!

bxcolby said...

There was a splendid sunset up here in the pennines, which was apparently helped by volcanic ash. The sky was also a slighter ligher shade of dark.

Oh My! Floral said...

We’ve not seen ash but it has dampened our plans all the way in Ohio, USA! Our friend is stuck in Copenhagen and has a surprise engagement party back home on Saturday- damned ash is ruining a good party!

KELLY said...

i would rather like to wear that headdress myself. one day i may just commission you! i would don it for a picnic. bare feet. in the sunshine with a glass of wine.

i am going to ask the hub to vote at work for you. that egg cup will be soon be yours and just in time for asparagus dipping season! x

Janet said...

The bouquet is perfection! so romantic!