Behind the scenes at Chelsea

On Sunday Mr Naylor and I made a voyage to London

Destination: Chelsea
Soundtrack: Regina Spektor, BB King, Donna Summer
Outfits: Him - Linen shirt, shorts, beads Her - Pretty dress, that turned out to be a bit low-cut.
Food: Scones, chocolate cake, crisps, tea, Diet coke and....Oasis (WTF?!)
Plants de jour: Iris, Allium, Lavender
Colours: Green, bronze, purple
Strange fact: Chelsea hadn't opened, it was a set-up day, we had to wear hi-vis jackets. Everybody had to wear them even Alan Titchmarsh I have pictures.
Overall mood: I thought i had died and gone to heaven.
Starstruck moment: Chatting to Jekka McVicar I was such a dork.

There is more to tell, but I am going to watch it on the box.

Back later


Mrs B said...

Oh my, I am pea green!
Details, details, details..........pleeeeease xxxx

flwrjane said...

I too am a rather unattractive shade of green. You could smuggle me in and plant me in a bed.

Lucky, lucky Miss Pickering. And to go with Mr. Naylor.


Mother Hen said...

Fabulous vignettes of your amazing day xxxx

Unknown said...

Lucky lucky lucky girl!
I'm sure your dress was great with the vest....