Driving through Chelsea

How i wish we had a camera crew in the car with us. It would have been television gold.
The hi-vis jackets we had to wear came with sleeves. You can see Mr Naylor's in the top photograph, he has his hand out of the window, pointing in amazement at the unusual garden ornaments.

I have ordered him one for his birthday, he loved them so much.

Whilst he drove i snapped everything, including Alan Titchmarsh, then i got the back of him later.

Mr Naylor, hobnobbed with horticultural types, i gawped at the beauty of all the planting. The planting and the landscapers. Men in shorts, and hi-vis tops, digging. I don't need to go on.

Later we went for dinner avec Caroline on the South Bank.

You can see more of Chelsea and Alan on the BBC website.

Congratulations to UK Horticulture who won a gold, aided and abetted by Mr Naylor's delphiniums and alliums.


Amy said...

Are you there all week? I am going Friday, what should I look out for? (apart from Alan)

Mother Hen said...

I would love to see a photo of you wearing your hi-viz jacket, can Mr Naylor oblige or have you lined his palm with silver to delete such shots? xxxx

Simon said...

I don't normally do Health and Safety outrage, but those jackets are a bit offensive in such a beautiful setting. How dangerous can a flower show be?

Becca said...

He may have had to wear high vis but I thought Alan looked dapper in his suit on telly last night.
Was watching at the gym-kept stopping and gawping, almost fell off running machine twice.

So Simon, flower shows ARE dangerous!

Miss Pickering said...

Amy - sadly not, you will love it. I should hate to tell you what to look for, you might be in the Mr Naylor camp of garden ideas i.e. polar opposite to me. Enjoy it all,and sharpen your elbows.

Mother Hen - no photos, are there ever? I am the one with the camera for a reason.

Simon - There were a lot of vehicles and tv cameras, hose pipes and the like. I took mine off and tied it around my waist to show willing.

Becca - Alan has his own website....

Helen said...

I am going on Friday too. Can't wait.

Gardeners World has just never been the same since Alan stopped doing it.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Ooh exciting! I love Alan Titchmarsh! I would love to see the Flower and Garden show, but am never in London at the right time... Sigh.