Easton Walled Gardens

It is true what they say, that you never do the things on your own doorstep.

Until Sunday i had never been to Easton Walled Gardens.

They are the "lost" gardens, lying undisturbed to be overtaken by brambles for 50 years. Quite how anyone can lose anything which is clearly sign posted from the A1 is anybody's business.

They are being restored to their former glory, the beautiful house was pulled down in the 50's, as they were inclined to do then. Heart breaking, visit the history room, for amazing photographs of how it looked, and the transformation of the gardens.

It is a sort of "keep on the grass" garden, we went for the end of sweet pea week, where secateurs are provided to pick one's own.

I became a friend of the gardens, so you can expect to hear a lot more about it, and if ever i saw a garden more perfect for a photo shoot......

and they do tea, and cake, and they sell plants.


Anonymous said...

thank you miss pickering who came to our pickery on Sunday you are an angel for writing lovely things! all the best from the team at Easton

Mrs Jones said...

We love Easton - we wanted to get married there but alas they couldn't do it for us - don't you think it would be the perfect wedding venue? x

Miss Pickering said...

It would be perfect for a marriage. I would have a ceremony under the yew trees, and honeymoon in the applestore

KELLY said...

did you know that abi used to run the tea room there? cafe leo introduced me to easton and i fell head over heals in the snowdrops one year. the sweetpeas look divine as ever. is that v cute dog still about too? {apologies to the hound...i feel quite disloyal!} i remember chatting to the owner and talking music concerts on that fab slope. right now i would love to have an afternoon sketching in a secret corner there. x

Erin {pughs' news} said...

These gardens are gorgeous. I'd love to visit, wander a while, and then go for some tea and cakes!