Keeping it simple

Even though i am surrounded by flowers all day, everyday, i still love them at home.

1. A rather insipid rose whilst in the garden, but better on my desk
2. Sweetpeas by the bed
3. Alchemilla - who knew it could be so contentious

It wasn't a home win, Mr Hamilton came second, but retains his lead. Much entertainment being given by the politics at Red Bull.

Also if your set your alarm for 3.30am for the morning of a wedding, be sure to turn it off when you wish for a lie-in the next day. Advice i wish somebody had given me last night.

I shall bring the result of our efforts tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

love alchemilla :)

flwrjane said...

Keeping it simple beautiful. What about those sweet peas!

Um, the lab told me she borrowed the Hermes towel from the hound.... now i have to wonder where she came by it. Maybe from one of those fancy gay dogs at the beach.

Becca said...

Flwr Jane, better not to question. I would like a Mulberry Alexa if the lab can steal to order?