Audience participation

Technology and i are not friends.

I have managed to lose 3 hours work, my ipod has a sad face, and the internets are intermittent.

I put a call into Cityboy1, I have been admonished for googling the problem, a little knowledge in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing.

This post might not make it to the blog, and the pictures are from days gone by, but I am loving the pastel shades.

Instead hit me with your blogs, or just blogs you like, they don't have to be yours. Although shameless self promotion is allowed.

I am looking for some new ones, i am not a big fan of the "here is something i found on the internet" type blog, i like people blogs from people that actually do something.

I await with bated breath.


The Flower Studio said...

You are welcome to read mine... it is something I am constantly trying to improve on and I have to admit I don't write in it as often as I am told I should! http://flowerstudioim.blogspot.com/2011/01/rose-by-any-other-name.html

I love your blog by the way, and of course the Hounds!

Unknown said...

Miss P It will be alright on the night so to speak. You of all people set the blogging standards. We have done a post today of a lovely spring wedding from a few years back. I am sure that the cityboy will have it all sorted soon. Love to you and the hound. Miss Spriggs xx

Laura said...

Oohh hello Miss Pickering. I would love you to pop over to see me... http://aplacefortea.blogspot.com/. I love flowers, and post a Friday Flower every week... I bake and I'm just starting out with sewing... Okay, that's the end of my shameless self promotion... If I'm not your bag, then try http://misssewandso.blogspot.com/ or http://www.abeachcottage.com both post thoughtful words and beautiful pictures. Hope you pop over... Lx

Andrea Lutz said...

I would be very happy for you to read my blog. http://blog.peppertreefloral.com/
I am currently re-designing my website and blog so by 2-1 everything should be snazzy and happy, but a little change here and there until then. If you do end up looking, let me know what you think. I do mostly weddings, but have a retail shop as well.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with flowers, but my friend is spending 4 months travelling and is writing a blog about her experiences. She's currently in Thailand. I think she writes very well, especially about the food. Her blog From the Delta to the DMZ is online at: http://deltatothedmz.wordpress.com/

Give the Hound a pat from me. x

Unknown said...

Kettle's always on for a new visitor at wildacreflowers.blogspot.com! Do stuff plenty with flowers in the summer and metal all year.Love food, slightly nervous of BBQs. Bx

Clare said...

Me me me me! What, too keen? Oh. But do come and say hello. We talk about weddings and marriages and pretty and...stuff, and Aisling is currently in need of some mother-in-law advice if anyone has any? Oh, and we write a lot of run-on sentences. A lot. www.anyotherwedding.com

Unknown said...

Oh and some blogs I'm liking are those of Lush Design, Lotte and Bloom, Higgeldy Garden

the fishermans cottage said...

well my favs are, 'dreamy whites' by Maria shes an American with 5 children and a very lovely home.. 'selina lake stylist' author of The Romantic Home.. lovely blog with lots of flowers! 'a beach cottage' by Sarah shes a fellow brit who moved to Austraila.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

How about a quick Penelope Pitstop at the Southern Lurcher Rescue website?

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Pickering,

I am a HUGE fan of you and The Hound and enjoy logging on to read your posts. Now whilst I am not a florist, I am in the process of setting up my own vintage home ware business and have set up my own blog until my website is finished!


Keep up the great work!


Kay said...

..you are very welcome to visit me with various ramblings....or for vintage bridal loveliness..
or my first port of call every day for french dog stories with a scottish twist!!??
the pastel flowers were beautiful and hope the techno stuff sorted out soon. xx


Hi Miss Pickering,
I am not a florist, I just love flowers!
I don't sell anything, apart from maybe one day my photographs!
Everything on my blog is my own work, nobody else.
You are on my blog list called Floral Delights. Looking forward to your book!
Ingrid xx

Anonymous said...

Poor you, hope you get it sorted out soon. This post made it to us so maybe things are on the mend?

My blog is a mixture of my life and my photos and things I've found around the internets, so you might not be dead against it! www.domestikated.wordpress.com

And some of my other favourites that might meet your standards are www.domesticali.typepad.com and www.gingerjumbles.blogspot.com. Oh! And www.teacupscupcakes.blogspot.com. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Just thought of another one that might suit you - it's all photographs and dogs! www.aweebitofcooking.co.uk x

OneKindWord said...

I adore the those flower arrangements! Gorgeous!

I love this blog: http://hulaseventy.blogspot.com/. She takes lovely pictures and I could spend hours looking at them!

rachel said...

That's me out, then, having just posted a recipe I found on the internet. On the other hand, I did actually make it first...... www.attica-slow-life.blogspot.com.

Katherine @ Floristintheforest said...

Oooh can I join in, I can see you have already been swamped with offers but please pop by and visit me. www.floristintheforest.blogspot.com florist, who loves to grow whatever I can in the summer months and has a soft spot for pretty china and glass!
I love tales from a junkaholic - is there nothing that girl can't do?
& thank you I love finding new blogs too, so am off with a cuppa to check out some of the above.
Katherine x

Dan said...

Gosh there are so many to choose from!! Some of my most favourite blogs are:
But there are so many others!
My own is http://frogsdogsferns.blogspot.com/

It'll be interesting to see what favourites other people have, I love to find new blogs to look at too, and I'm sure there are plenty of wonderful suggestions here!

Sharon S said...

Kia Ora Ms Pickering, I would love you to come visit my blog, which is loosely based on a Kiwi transplanted to Bristol because of her hubbie's animation job.

Most of the time I adore living in Bristol, but sometimes (like today when it's cold) the love ain't there too much.

I had to leave my dog behind (she is now living with friends in San Francisco!) so miss doggies terribly...love your blog with its gorgy pics of your woofer..

Plse stop on by..


Ka Kite

Sharon S

Mrs T-J said...

Suzie Ridler
HRM, Nova Scotia, Canada
Foodie, writer, photographer, reviewer and chronic rebel. Welcome to my test kitchen!
Sounds just like your kind of girl Miss P, I enjoy her blog, www.suziethefoodie.blogspot.com
.........but not as much as yours, I think she is missing a hound! xxx

Concha said...

I've got a nice list of good blogs on my sidebar!

And if you want to see what a Portuguese does all day in the English countryside...


Amelia said...

Guess my inspiration...

Fiona Cameron said...

Have been enjoying your blog for a while now - love The Hound although I don't think my furry girls would be so keen seeing as how The Hound sets cat traps with grass. You're welcome to have a read of my blog (fionasfibrefantasies.blogspot.com) - although I'm an intermittent blogger at best. Enjoy, keep up the good work and cheers to The Hound

Ruth in California said...

I post a quirky little website about vintage weddings. If you want to look at it, it's at www.weddingspinster.com.

Becca said...

Urrrr I don't have a blog.....I probably should, I'm quite witty. I follow (omg hi Clare) anyotherwedding because it's not upitsownarse like other wedding blogs and are honest and have mother in laws too. I also love lovemydress because Annabel is a saint in the world of wedding bloggers and US blogs because I like the invitations.

I do the seven day news quiz on the BBC and it's almost a blog as it's online.

I like Lotte and Bloom too.

I will definately check all of these out.

I do have a random section of mini rants and accompanying photos on facebook.

See you tomorrow for cake. How exciting.

Jennifer Tetlow said...

My most read (according to blogstats!) is you and http://drawingalineintime.blogspot.com/

Love this idea and really enjoying all the introductions. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Hi there I have two one on the flower arranging front and sorry there are gerberas in some of my own displays they are cheap when you are learning how to at college...i so apologise.


Amanda x

KELLY said...

evening miss p. i used to blog. i hope to again very soon. i miss it. and you. must visit soon. x

i have been lurking so know what you're up to...have no fear!

want to see the most beautiful calligraphy?

Anonymous said...

Pls check out my blog, I am trying to make a collection of floral blogs from all over he world!

On my blog I also have a link to my collection of Swedish floral blogs.

Btw if the Hound still is up for sale I´ll take him ;)

Thanks for lovely blog!
/ Emelie

Brooke Howsley said...

Wow, so many good links! Would love to have you visit me at crosspollination whenever you have time.

Len said...

I discovered your blog a while ago and enjoy it very much. As well as the art that I create I also do window display. I like your window displays, show more of them. Your floral work whether in bouquets or in the window displays is excellent.

Oh, by the way, Len is short for Leonard not Leona or Lenore! HAHAHA!!!