Red lipstick

If I ruled the world, red lipstick would be available on prescription. A slick of red and you are ready to face whatever the world throws at you.

I am currently loving a Stila red, called Pam. I know. Pam. glamour.

I am wearing Pam with a striped top, as in the Ban.Do picture.

Do you do red? Do you have a favourite?

Do share.

Bon weekend my darlings.


Alison said...

A Chanel red called Lune Rousse is my favourite though I don't wear it very often. In fact, I'm not sure if they still do it! Going to start wearing red lipstick more I think.

Bucks Retronaut said...

Oh Gawd !
Stumbled across your blog attracted by Tales of Shopdog,and now.... These Ladies !!
Lovely Stuff.
Afraid I may be hooked !

Mother Hen said...

The Captain is a massive fan of red lipstick, preferably accompanied with high heels. Sometimes, just sometimes, I am very compliant. My current red of choice is a Nars Flaming Dust and upon reading your post I ascended to the first floor, applied said lipstick and it has cheered my spirits. xxx

KELLY said...

michelle w. i want to look like her...oh to wear yellow and look that radiant! and she wears red lippy so beautifully. in my opinion the best of your bunch.

you have inspired me to invest in a new one. to my shame i only have a no 7 that's about 10 years old...which shows i should wear it more. last time i wore it i felt like i'd been super-charged...i'd forgotten it has very special powers! i shall check back for the recomendations. x

A Pale July said...

Jungle Red by Nars for the summer, and Russian Red by Mac for the colder months. Both very good if you have the skin of the undead. Or have to wear a foundation called 'Siberia'.

flwrjane said...

I have a pot of red lip stain that I
dip into feverishly.

An actual lipstick in my hands at work could result in hilarious results for my coworkers.

I too am wearing a blue and white striped top from J. Crew. GG doesn't like the neckline.

P.S. Maybe bring a little something fresh home this weekend? Just sayin'


Oh My! Floral said...

NARS semi matte in Jungle Red.

two applications, after a dab of carmex to make the lips a bit fuller.


k said...

Hello to the lovely Miss Pickering! I so enjoy your blog. True Love Red from Petalx on etsy is the bomb!

Unknown said...

My girlfriends and I wouldn't leave the house without red adorning our lips. That was 20 years ago. Perhaps it is time to revisit that ritual? I recently came across Nars lip liner in Amazon, that with a little lip moisturizer, pure bliss!

Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw said...

Miss Pickering, you are so chic! Ruby Woo by MAC is my favourite but I'm not sure if that's because of the name ......

Lauren said...

Miss P you are so chic! My favourite is Ruby Woo by MAC but I'm not sure whether this has anything to do with the name .....

Miss Pickering said...

I love all these red lipstick suggestions.

I have reapplied mine, and hence even feel uberglam whilst cooking a ham hock.

and The Mother Hen has an avatar!


Becca said...

Evening Miss P,

I am currently wearing my "buy them two sizes larger for comfort" pajama's and a large red angry looking scratch across my forehead (must not sleep with engagement ring on when stressed). I have a stripey dress but can only wear it with big pants because its a "big too clingy" (c) Mum.

I am SO jealous that everyone has found their perfect shade. I have very pale white blanchy skin so if it goes with my hair, it doesn't go with my skin etc etc. When I went to Selfridges to find such red lipstick they asked me if I'd ever considered plummy tones.

That is not the point.

I am going to Ikea to buy some of those ginger snap things. Does anyone want some napkins and tealights when I am there?

Miss Pickering said...


Could you get me some herrings?

and a big bag of Daim sweets.

I still have 12,000 red napkins from my last trip 14 years ago, but if they happen to have anything in a blue?

Mrs T-J said...

I dont own a red lipstick, quelle horreur! Chic I am not. hmmm perhaps I should reconsider, do I have the confidence to carry it off? Nothing ventured nothing gained xxx

Jodie said...

My favourites are:

Chanel Rouge Coco "Gabrielle" (my fave)
MAC "Ruby Woo" (when I have a Dita moment)
MAC "Lady Bug" (a great everyday)
And one by Korres called something like "Gooseberries".

Without fail, they pep me up when I'm down!

Mrs T-J said...

Bourgeois, Passion Rouge, sold to pale lips from Rutland. xxx

tinylittlemazza said...

I'm never, ever without my red lipstick. It started with Chanel 'Rouge Coromandel' sadly, heartbreakingly, discontinued. But 'Lune Rousse' came along and I was happy. And then I discovered Cahnel Rouge Coco in 'Vendome'. Divine. (So that's my potted history of my search for the perfect red - have fun searching!)