Snowdrops, honeysuckle and lily of the valley

This morning i cut snowdrops and tendrils of evergreen honeysuckle.

They were mixed with, myrtle, olive, rosemary,viburnum, majolica roses, ranunculus,lilac and avalanche roses.

I had a pot of lily of the valley on the workbench, which was destined for my bedside, but the stems fell victim to my flower scissors, and were tucked into the bridal bouquet.

I have friends that do amazing things with rose and hydrangea domes, but for me it ain't a wedding without foliage. Garden foliage. The scent, the movement. I like to think a bride will hold her bouquet, and the honeysuckle will dance, or somebody will brush their hand against the rosemary in a table centre as they pass the wine.

I spend far too much of time thinking about this sort of thing.

I need to get a life.

In other news, Jane is doing Flowers in the home Monday again. I have been instructed to take something fresh home this time. Join in. Or just have a peek over on her blog and see who did.

I can't decide if it is more fascinating to look at the flowers, or the inside of the homes.

Next week: A how to.Video.

p.s. I love all your red lipstick suggestions, next time i am near a city i fully intend to visit the cosmetic counters and try them all out.


emily said...

Your spring is springing so much earlier than ours. I feared you'd tell me of cutting your lily of the valley from the garden, too. But ahh, foliage. Sometimes I can just do without the flowers altogether and go for a big mess of leafy branchy things.

Urbanstems said...

Miss P..beautiful blooms. Rosemary always rocks as too does red lippy!! Sinead

Mother Hen said...

So stunningly beautiful, lucky bride. If they only knew how much you think about their arrangements, they would pay double xxx

Mrs B said...

Thinking can be a terribly tiresome thing....if only they did want to pay double.....those shoes would be on their way out tonight with the red lispstick no doubt.

Is there no Space NK in Stamford?....I think Ms Kinnaird is missing a trick there.

I applied my red lips this morning due to the rain. Felt a tad overdressed and possibly gave out the wrong signals at market at 6am.....something worked though as I walked away with a free box of amaryllis.

Red lips = male distraction = a very good thing if you are about to make a purchase from said male.


found and sewn said...

They look amazing! I love the way you describe them too.

Becca said...

"Is there no Space NK in Stamford?!". Oh Mrs B. Have you never been? Stamford does small independent shops selling horsey and middle class gardening materials and ribbons and Joules.

This is a very very very lucky bride.

Mrs T-J said...

oh my goodness, I dont really know how many superlatives would do you justice Miss P, you truly are a marvel, even that sounds insipid, oh how stunning! As for the red lippy, I think the hubster liked, he didnt say he didnt, he normally would, oh yes he would have, so no news is good news! I will persevere.xxx

Tess Atkinson said...

Oooh these are beautiful! x

reub-envision said...

movement & thinking about it is always important ... but don't listen to me ... I dont profess to have a life either