How to make fancy buttonholes

Today i am guest blogging on LoveMyDress. Such fun!

A how to, fancy buttonholes are today's topic. The ones that you see on the blogs, the blogs where they all get married outside in fields, and nobody wears tails.

Go now.

Thank you again to the boy who lent me his lapel


flwrjane said...

Beautiful guest post.

I shall be attending your classes.

xo J.

Mrs B said...

I did one of these a while back which was posted recently.....I have laughed at how much wittier and wordy you are than me.....must try harder.

Have a good week. Love this one.

abby jenkins said...

The sweetest of the sweet!

Becca said...

May we know whose the lapel?

Is he missing gloves?

Excellent post. I obviously commented on my round of blogs (just the five then which isn't THAT many) this morning.

I still can't bring myself to like the yellow balls of bee fluff. I know they are trendy and de jour but I would rather have Jasmine or Mint.

I got a bouquet from a client at work (one oversized crysanth, two gerbera and lillies amongst others) and the TWO roses have been alive for three weeks (and have no scent). I have been very good with my cutting of the bottom at an angle and fresh water bla bla bla but its unnatural surely?

Miss Pickering said...

Jane - always a space at my table

Mrs B - you can't leave a comment like that and not provide the link to your handiwork, so we may all admire the beauty.

Abby - too kind

Becca - The lapel does not belong to glove man. Glove man never returned, i still have the glove.
We shall from now on refer to the owner of the lapel as Lapelman. He has alternate styles and fabrics for use in future posts.