Let the sunshine

Let the sunshine
Let the sun shine baby
Let it all go
Let it all go baby
Let the sun shine
Let the sun shine baby
Let it all go
Let it all go baby

and it has, and oh the joy. Brilliant sunshine over this green and pleasant land, everybody has a smile on their faces, and mischief is high on the list of priorities.

I have had this song on repeat all day, and i mean all day. It is my new anthem.I suspect it maybe for a long time. You need to play it very loudly, it is a little chav, but i think that is fine. One can't listen to Radio 4 all day.

The sunshine has made me buy sweetpeas, and the cameras are breeding.....

It is also only 7 days until the first Grand prix of the season, I am giddy with excitement.

May your weekend be filled with long lingering kisses and the last rolo.


flwrjane said...

"This video is not available in this country" Unquote. So by the time we hear what ever it is, you will have moved on.

But you'll still be sporting red painted nails.

Enjoy the sun.

We'll miss you this weekend.

xo J. and GG

EWG said...

Sweet Peas? Sweet Peas? that is indecent in March, but beautiful, thank you for sunny post x

Lee said...

Dear Miss P, right here in Melbourne my husband is 'giddy with excitement' about the start of the GP season too. I must say, it's quite contagious!

Primchick said...

Ooo... blimey... bang goes any decent conversation with 'his nips' in doors then when the Grand 'pricks' start again.... but, hang on a minute... leave me to enjoy EP on Sunday O what Joy...!!!! :oP

AnneMarie said...

Lovely post! Passed your shop today, love the cameras, books etc.
Cant wait for F1 either!! Happy Spring!