Thank you boys


The one that stuck it on the front row this morning, and that one that didn't even make it to Q3. Glee.

The one that brought me a coffee.

The one that changed the light bulb in the shop, (although could you come back, because another one has just gone)

The one that called to check i wasn't still in a cupboard.

and to the one that said "What is the name of this plant?" allowing me to answer "Mind Your own Business"

It gets me every time. He eventually saw the funny side.

I love my customers. A lot.


Anonymous said...

Fighting talk Miss P.nor the most eloquent of posts.

Stuck it on the front row? will you be so brave in the morning?

Becca said...

Check you and your various boys out!

Was it iced coffee?

flwrjane said...

I'd like to get back to that stuck in the closet item. Alone?

If I send you a coffee will you join us on Monday?

Will you still love me tomorrow?

xo J.

Wellies and Vogue said...

woooooo hoooooooo lewis!